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The Grand Return of Élpoéo of Worommot

Situated in a forgotten lawn between a bus stop and a restaurant near the river and not far from the touristic center of Vila Nova de Gaia, stands Elpoéo of Worommot: a sea creature assembled from digital imagery. The billboard-like sculpture seems to advertise the kind of shopped together universes which one might recognize from blockbuster movies, RPG game worlds, fun parks and music festivals. These profit-oriented productions, with their meticulously designed identities, generate cultural objects and moments that belong neither to the past nor a future. They deliver experiences, temporary pre-fab escapism, and bombard the audience with a barrage of stimuli.

The Grand Return of Élpoéo of Worommot is created for Não é ainda o mar [Not Yet the Sea], an exhibition in Gaia vila de Nova, Porto. Portugal
with the support of the Flemish Government.