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"... a bit monotonous, but restful, (not) all the same” (HD-video with sound, 17’, 2015)

This video came forth from an exhibition that carried the same title describing this recognizable moment of hesitation during the process of creation. In both the exhibition and video certain artistic objects and artworks were presented as props. In the video the grey platform becomes the setting of an undefined space - abstract in its location and in dimensions. The neutral grey color of the platform is a direct reference to the grey matter in our brain, a field that is never fully defined as it forever analyses, constructs and deconstructs. As artists, we approached the set as a blank canvas to create extremely temporal and ever changing scenographies. The specific characteristics of the film medium allowed us to 'enter' the playground introduced in the exhibition. Reacting upon each other's actions a rhythm of the changing imagery is generated. The movie depicts an associative space wherein the endless possibilities of these associations are shown. The artists become actors animating the scene. The camera operates as a tool that maps our thinking process.

Excerpt taken from "a... bit monotonous, but restful, (not) all the same". Full video on demand