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STRAY DOGS (Chloë Delanghe & Tom Hallet, curated by Soil Collective)

HODGE PODGE – Chloë Delanghe

"The fragment of the film Hodge Podge is a portrait of Geert Delanghe, my father. Whilst shooting the footage I asked him to take part in two activities. The first thing he did was make drawings for me. Secondly I asked him to clean up and finish decorating his new apartment whilst I filmed him. The expression hodge podge signifies mess and disorder, and at the same time it implies a certain sweetness. Looking in at his chaotic movement through the apartment, the camera peers through doors and hallways lovingly, always struggling and questioning how much to show. All the while his dog observes and follows him."

The drawings shown in the exhibition and the film are by Geert Delanghe.

SOMEPLACE #2 – Tom Hallet

We walked through gardens full of trees, my mother and me.
We were looking for my father; we left the house one night because we were worried. He left early in the morning but never returned for dinner. We took our coats and put on our walking shoes, as if we knew where we were going. My mother held my hands and talked to me about her day, while smiling at me. I didn’t notice anything suspicious about her behaviour. She was not hiding things for me. Her skin was white, reflecting sunlight. That I remember. She had warm hands too.

When we entered the park we came across a huge tree where he was hanging so peacefully. I never felt so alive. I looked at him and fell to the ground. I felt the wet grass through my jeans. It tickled me, comforting, yet unnoticeable.

I looked up and prayed for an identical copy of his body. Make a cast please; make a cast out of him of flesh and bone.

Stray Dogs took place between May 7th and 10th 2015 in Brussels.