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Sincerely Yours by Tom Hallet

Imagine a Genesis for the first homosexual being, a lost tale of our homosexual ancestors - loved, violated, raped and forgotten. Their remnants remain hidden, waiting to be unveiled. Their world of shadows is waiting to be discovered. The story doesn’t have an ending, it is a coming of age without conclusion - lost in transformation or transcendence, searching for identity endlessly.

An idyllic landscape in evolution - overgrown with grasses and flowers, full of seeds and primordial organisms - is inhabited by fairylike characters. Their big eyes, uncanny and innocent, are staring at us. Their transforming bodies, female nor male, seduce us. These fairies are calling. Their untold histories are dark and distorted. Yet, these disruptive voices challenge our identity that suddenly has lost its finality.

Tom Hallet presents his drawing as letters addressed to personal icons – both queers and their violators. His sculptures depart by taking the body as an emotional geography. Sincerely Yours investigates the process of transformation through the body and the fairy tale as critical tools to question dominant narratives about gender and its representation.

All photos by Izra Marie Jans