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"SOIL Collective Presents: Christmas Special... with Kitty Kamp!"

Dear Soil Collective,

Thank you very much for the opportunity to exhibit in your living room.
I’d like to take this Yuletide occasion to play with the domesticated interior of your home and turn it into a seasonal feast of happiness and tranquility.
Let us celebrate Christmas together, I know you love it as much as I do...
It will represent a rustic elegance, like sprigs of rosemary and silver branches highlighted with golden berries, wisps of wood smoke and blue balls...
I’d like to decorate every corner of your home, shower it with golden snow flakes, drape it with plaids, and make a fine selection of every furniture available. Perhaps except those of Ikea...
And as I will let myself be inspired by lifestyle magazines such as Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, Martha Steward’s Recipes, DIY, Home Decor & Crafts, National geographic, E-Flux and Woman’s Weekly, I will go for a modern mixture of Natural Nordic and Urban Vintage, characterized by the realm of its theatrical traditional minimal deco design.
And influenced by Home Alone’s mise-en-scene, Love Actually’s luxurious comfort of sumptuous indulgence, and Die Hard’s eclectic clash of rough and Alan Rickman, it will be a fine balance between the warmth of red, earthly tones of various sage greens and browns and blue, yellow and soft whites. The stylish and unusual navy and copper will be added with a supreme precision, creating an atmospheric collaboration between a pure and a natural look.
But dear Soil, you wanted silver garlands and I wanted golden ones...
I will add a little tartan and tweed for that extra bit of interest, and create a soft finish will compliment rather than clash, keeping in mind key focal points, proportion, purpose and purposelessness, simplicity and an overall refined look of rich tones and textures.
Moved by Mariah Carey, Wham!, Christo and Zobernig, I will create a bland yet rustic style providing a highly personalized look.
It will reflect the elegance of modern lifestyle...
The custom-made design will provide for an all utilitarian mix and match. It will be a practice in togetherness and a perfect harmony between object and space.
And it will be set well in a timeless and goes-with-everything interior design, and the authentic approach to its form will reflect an all-together artisanal haven of calmness, happiness and that holiday spirit.

Merry Christmas, Soil, and a Happy New Year!

The exhibition by Kitty Kamp took place between December 20th and 23rd 2018 in Brussels and was curated by SOIL.