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NEKUIA by Rémi Rupprecht & Aude Anquetil

Vickie Lynn Hogan, better known as Anna Nicole Smith, was an American model, actress and television personality. She first gained popularity by winning the title of Playmate of the year in 1993, the year I was born.
"Do you like my body?"
"I was honoured to be on our next performer's new video and if I ever record an album, I want this guy to produce mine! Make me beautiful duets because he's a freaking genius! Make some noise (jingle starts) for my boy KAN YE WE ST!"

On the 1st of May 2007 'Illegal Aliens' came out. The last movie in which Anna Nicole acted before passing away the same year.
Guided by a holographic mentor, three aliens take the form of beautiful American women in order to stop an intergalactic terrorist from destroying Earth.
In April 2016, The New York Post tweeted: "A newly discovered planet could destroy Earth as soon as this month." The newspaper was referring to Planet Nine, a theoretical planet at the edge of our solar system. An accompanying video also claimed that the new planet would be throwing all sorts of asteroids and comets at Earth, which could supposedly end up destroying our planet.
In ancient Greek cult-practice and literature, a Nekuia is a rite by which ghosts in the underworld were called up. A Nekuia is not necessarily the same thing as a Katabasis. While both afford the opportunity to converse with the dead, the Nekuia is but a communication portal to the underworld and not a gate opening an actual physical path.
Most Nekuia rites took place in ponds that dried up over the ages, near sacred places and on nights of a new moon cycle.
Hear the unloved weeping like rain. Guard your sleep from the sound of their pain. Long gone and out of this world.
When you smile and it tears up your face, it's time for the inhuman race. You're down and out of this world.
Now your hope and compassion is gone. You've sold out your dream to the world. Stay dead and out of this world.

NEKUIA was a performance evening set in the private garden of Greet Billet on October 5th 2017 in Forest (Brussels) and was curated by SOIL Collective. Rémi Rupprecht & Aude Anquetil collaborated with Leonnee Vannut as LDVD and Stéfanie Becquet & Marjolein Guldentops.