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TRY ME by Mathias Mu

During the exhibition of Mathias Mu's at SOIL Collective, the visitor was invited into a set-up with a series of tools hanging on the walls and randomly set up on the black vinyl floor between audio samplers and cables, waiting to be activated during a performance at the opening.

Central in his practice Mathias Mu is dealing with the gesture of exposure and the creation of a body - an object, a sculpture, a persona. Combining functional aesthetics from different contexts like the fitness room, recording studio, digital culture and internet, Mathias Mu generates an environment where only the visual surface remains; his tools are absolutely passive but seek to be activated, the instructed gestures are without purpose but to shape the mythical persona of the artist.

The exhibition took place from July 6th - 9th 2017 in Brussels and was curated by SOIL Collective