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I, MARTYR by Darcey Bennett

Through these foggy fields we walk alone.
The mist unites us and protects us from danger.
Our hands, although buried deep down our pockets, are touching each other. A sudden sensation of fear comes over me…
I have put myself in this situation I know I cannot get out of. I feel as if I am going to drown.
Should I have listened? Should I have stayed?
They don’t feel like I do… They don’t understand.
Well, I wouldn’t want to go back, that’s for sure.
He is seducing me with his hair and his smile.
Does that mean I’m heading straight to death?
Are those lips and locks of hair poisonous?
Does that mean love is a cave full of danger?
And that he is pulling me along?

He is nothing but a hunter, an egoist And I, I am martyr.

The exhibition was curated by SOIL Collective and took place from 10th-13th of November 2016 in Brussels.

Sound by Darcey Bennett & Daniel Van Verre