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No Performance Please. (part one)
Concerning the impossiblity of excluding performances

No Performance Please. is a quest for multiple reflections regarding the notion of performativity in the visual arts. SOIL Collective departs from this research to create a décor-like presentation at These Things Take Time, juxtaposing a collective scenography with elements drawing upon individual practices.

The theatrical characteristics of the space such as the vitrine and the arches inspired the artists to investigate the concept of staging art objects into performing actors. Sculpted alter egos are positioned on the scene against an atmospheric backdrop, insinuating significant correlations despite the forced and alienated interplay. To reflect upon mechanisms of exhibiting or displaying the artistic practice, the performing sculptures are malleable and subject to constant transformation. At the same time, the audience’s expectations for narrative structures are being provoked by playing with the apparent absence of action or plot in this theatrical scenography. We are being guided and misguided by the presence of diverse undefined perspectives. Our tendency to empathize with the story is being disrupted into an estranging experience.

No Performance Please (part one) was curated by the post-graduate students of TEBEAC and took place in These Things Take Time (Ghent) between June 24th and 28th, 2015. A re-enactment "Performing the exhibition" was created in Kask during GRADUATION 2015. The dutch artist Rosa Sijben created an exhibition in BUDA, Kortrijk for No Performance Please (part two).

Pictures (c) Matthias Yzebaert 2015