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“... a bit monotonous, but restful, (not) all the same”

“... a bit monotonous, but restful, (not) all the same”, could be a hesitating, but hopeful reflection on an encounter between objects, the space and the performer. An expression pronounced by a viewer, the artist, the director, the critic or a passenger, which we all consider as possible performers.

We constructed a reproduction of a space within it’s space as an object. This object, as a platform or stage, suggests a state of constant motion: the space-as-a-platform, as well as the objects within the space and on the platform are to be played with. They generate endless possibilities, referring to the process of thinking: the state of thought before creating, when everything is possible. Each single position - of the objects and the space-object - is one of the countless propositions. It is a ‘still’ within an ever-changing, ongoing, proceeding process.

A scenography is generated between the scaled-platform and the room. The navigation of objects between these spaces could be read in different ways. Every movement from an object within the real space towards the platform brings the object from the general towards the unique: the object is exhibited. Though the platform could also be read as a space of thinking. The middle-grey suggest totality; the variations on the platform are endless. Bringing an object from the grey space towards the real is a crystallization of thoughts, a creation.

The exhibition took place from the 23th till the 25th of january 2015 in Brussels, Belgium